Be Spontaneous With A Surprise Holiday

Be Spontaneous With A Surprise Holiday

The concept of a ‘surprise’ holiday may be unpleasant to some; after all, isn’t half the fun of a vacation looking forward to going there? Maybe it is, but if you hanker for something a little spontaneous and fun, then a surprise holiday might just work for you.

The ‘surprise’ aspect of a surprise holiday does not only come from a sudden decision to go on holiday, but rather where you go. You can still book the time off work, get a dog sitter in and get your documentation in order: with a click at, just book a couple of weeks (or however long you have) off like you normally would.  Here’s where the surprise element comes in: the “attractions” page takes you to an amazing list of great destinations in the world ! You get so overwhelmed with choice and curious to explore these wonderful destinations, which also come at very cheap prices!

You’d be a lemon to miss that opportunity… Just check-in online, head to the airport on your first day off to a surprise destination! It just couldn’t be easier !

However, if you are a spontaneous traveller like me or a busy journalist you are more than likely to hop on the plane to a working-holiday full of pleasant surprises. Sometimes right at the airport, you get ‘stand by’ seats and last minute deals as airlines do not like to fly half-empty planes.
They often offer substantial discounts if you can fly that night on a flight that is not fully booked, but rontravels offers much more competitive prices for “combo” booking (flights plus hotel) and rental cars.

It’s a slightly crazy concept, but those who enjoy surprise holidaying swear that is the fun of it. Not knowing where you’re going, what you’re doing or even what type of clothes to pack makes the experience extremely exciting; so if you’ve got the courage, why not give a surprise holiday a go?

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