A phobia for heights…

A phobia for heights…

An adage goes: ‘virgins don’t reside in a hospital labor room’.

Naturally, everyone in labor bears a form of discomfort and the noise level is usually disturbing and it travels down hallways and through any available egress. As a successful childbirth is eagerly anticipated, the accompanying ‘joyful pain’ is always acceptable.

Far from a labor room. This happened onboard a Virgin Atlantic airline. There were no labor pangs or pains. No childbirths but storms in the clouds. Horrendous screams from frightened female passengers on the flight, each time the plane hits a patch of clouds or wind storms. While some males handled it well, remaining calm or engage a snuggle, other petrified passengers managed to readjust their headphones to dampen the screams.

Each time the aircraft stumbled on a bag of clouds, the passengers’ screaming went into uncontrollable autopilot, creating a very unpleasant clash of high tones. A wave of fear, forcing the air hostesses to run to pacify each suffering passenger with water and wet towels.

Lunch was abandoned until the petrified passengers were appeased completely. More and more cold water, soft towels for running noses and stress sweats. Apparently, these passengers were frequent flyers but still virgins to flight turmoil. Yes, we all have different levels of endurance but how can we make it less stressful for everybody? 

I must admit, it was a commendable customer service. Kudos to the Virgin crew.

Perhaps, the airlines should explore quick fixes such as mint or garlic-induced cold water to suppress anxiety?

This could even extend to exploring remedy for certain unpleasant experiences like snoring onboard too! 

Please share your thoughts….Yes, we have more work to do….

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    Excellent read…..simply the reality of flying wonderful!!!!

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